Nepal is very wonderful land locked country. But it is the second richest country of world in water resources. There are more than 5000 fast flowing rivers which come from melting the snow from high Himalayas. These fast flowing rivers are perfect for river rafting. At some place this act is known as white water rafting as the fast flowing water looks white while striking and flowing with the stones. The current can be generated from the river flowing from high mountains. It will be surely joyful to do rafting of watch done by others in such rivers. Rafting done in Nepal is a bit difficult as it is a thriller task to do. So, it is named at the adventurous activity.
Rafting done in Nepal will surely be your life time experience. The length of rafting is divided according to the choice of visitors. Long rafting goes for several days and short rafting is done for just few hours. In Nepal water directly flow from the melting snow and its speed is a bit fast. Due to which the water is very pure and clean. Rafting in natural fast flowing will definitely be most interesting activity. Once you did rafting in the river of Nepal, you can’t control yourself for next time. These facts consider warmly welcomes you to have a rafting program at Nepal. For instance Trishuli River, Bhote Koshi River, Tamor River, Seti River, Kali Gandaki River and many others. You yourself cannot only do rafting alone. Since, it is very risky you need to have expert guides who help in boat and water. We the team of Chomolungma Adventures Pvt. Ltd. will arrange you for any of the prohibited River for rafting with professional guides. All the schedule of rafting is made according to your choice.